Limited Time Offer

We strive to enhance competitiveness and bring diversity to customers, so that they will have new surprises at any time, no matter at breakfast time, lunch time, afternoon tea time or dinner time.

15:15 Tea Set Series

15:15 Tea Set Series is now launched in all stores with only $20. Every week with different selection of snacks to pamper your taste bud!...

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Lobster Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu in Lobster Bisque with Jumbo Crab Stick is launched finally! Rich and intense aromatic tastes definitely capture your palate!...

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Classic Japanese Country Stew

Classic Japanese Country Stew comes with fresh chicken & seasonal vegetables giving you the freshest taste from the farm, while Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ beef) gives a meaty kick exciting your...

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Value $23 Choice

It can’t be a magnificent day if there is no “Value $23 Choice” ! Quaker Macaroni in Pork Broth, Scrambled Egg and toast, nutritious and luscious!...

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